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Temperature control switch factory testing requirements

Article Source:Thermostat factoryAuthor:Yaxun ElectronicsPopularity:Published time:2017-03-06 20:27

Temperature control switch factory testing requirements
1. Technical requirements
1.1 normal working conditions and installation requirements
       Unless otherwise agreed,The temperature control switch should operate normally under the conditions specified below.

1.1.1 Pollution level
       Temperature control switch around the environment pollution level according to GB / T14048.1 in the two.
1.1.2 Installation category
       Temperature control switch installation category according to GB / T14048.1 in the class Ⅱ.

1.1.3 Installation conditions
       The temperature control switch should be as close as possible to the protected object,To ensure good thermal coupling.
1.2 Structural requirements
1.2.1 temperature control switch leads should be able to ensure good electrical contact and the corresponding current carrying capacity.
1.2.2 temperature control switch leads should be able to withstand 20N axial static tension, which lasted 1min.

1.3 Material requirements
1.3.1 temperature control switch live parts should be corrosion-resistant or corrosion-resistant treatment of Cu, Fe, Ag and alloys and other metal.
1.3.2 temperature control switch insulation material should be able to withstand 850 ℃ ± 10 ℃ glow wire top of the test temperature test,Duration 30s ± 1s.
1.3.3 temperature control switch metal parts shall not have cracks and coating off the phenomenon,Plastic parts shall not have bubbles, cracks, off the block, no obvious signs and scratches and so on.

1.4 performance requirements
1.4.1 Rated breaking temperature
    Temperature control switch rated breaking temperature see "product number code",Such as customers have special requirements,A new rated breaking temperature can be set.
1.4.2 Rated reset temperature
      The rated reset temperature of the temperature control switch is shown in the "Product Code".Such as customers have special requirements,A new rated reset temperature can be set.

1.4.3 Critical trip current
     Temperature control switch in different ambient temperature of the critical trip current see Figure 2,The current tolerance is 20%.
1.4.4 Rated trip current
     In the 25 ℃ environment through the rated trip current value,Temperature control switch should be within the specified time action,The operating time tolerance is ± 30%.
     Note: 1.4.3, 1.4.4 only applies to customers in the selection of reference.

1.4.5 contact resistance
Contact in the closed state,Temperature control switch between the two contacts should not be greater than 50mΩ contact resistance.
* Contact contact resistance value = Measured side measured value - Wire resistance value - Bimetallic resistance value
1.4.6 Insulation resistance
     A. Contact in the thermal breaking state,Temperature control switch between the two leads of the insulation resistance should be not less than 2MΩ.
     B. The insulation resistance of the temperature control switch leads and the insulation surface of the enclosure shall be not less than 5MΩ.

1.4.7 Electrical strength
     The basic sine wave test voltage (rms) at a frequency of 50 Hz is applied between the following parts of the temperature control switch,Last time 1min should be no flashover and breakdown phenomenon.
    A. In the contact thermal breaking state,Between two lead lines: 500V
      B. In the case of normally closed contact,Between the lead wire and the housing insulation: 1500V

1.4.8 Durability
      Temperature control switch in the AC voltage 220V, 50Hz, power factor COSΦ 0.75 ~ 0.8 conditions,Pass the rated current test 4000 times, should meet:
      A. Action temperature changes do not exceed the initial value of ± 5 ℃ or ± 5%, the two choose the larger.
      B. Contact does not occur welding.
      Continue to test off 4000 times,Temperature control switch in the performance of the performance without permanent damage.

1.4.9 Limit short circuit performance
The temperature control switch should be able to pass the short circuit current specified in Table 1,Without causing burning.
Table 1
Motor rated power (KW) Temperature control switch rated voltage (V) Expected current (A)
≤0.4 ≤250 200
>0.4~0.8 1000
>0.8~2.2 2000
1.4.10 wet and heat performance
      According to GB2423.3 in the harsh grade of 2d hot and humid test,After the test temperature control switch insulation resistance of not less than 1.5MΩ,And can withstand 1.4.7 electrical strength test,Test voltage dropped to 80% of the original.
1.4.11 high temperature performance
     Temperature control switch at 150 ℃ ambient temperature to maintain 96h,After the test the action temperature does not change the initial value of ± 5 ℃ or ± 5% The two choose a larger value.

1.4.12 low temperature performance
     Temperature control switch at -40 ℃ temperature to maintain 16h,Without damage and the operating characteristics do not produce permanent changes.
1.4.13 Vibration performance
Temperature control switch should be able to withstand vibration frequency 50Hz, amplitude 0.35mm, which lasted 90min fixed frequency test,After the test, the rated breaking temperature shall comply with the provisions of 1.4.1.

2. Test method
2.1 Test conditions
     Unless otherwise specified, the test shall be carried out under the following conditions:
   A. Ambient temperature 10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃,Test the ambient air temperature should not exceed 10 ℃;
     B. Test equipment, the accuracy of the factory test not less than 1.0,Type test not less than 0.5;
     C. Humidity requirements: temperature 15 ℃ ~ 35 ℃,Relative humidity of 45% to 75%.
     D. Temperature measurement instrument resolution type test is 0.2 ℃,Factory inspection is 0.5 ℃.

    Where the test conditions and methods used in the test did not address, according to GB / T14048.1, GB14531.1 and GB / T14048.1 requirements of the test.
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