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Temperature control switch detection equipment parameter standard

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Temperature control switch detection equipment parameter standard

Temperature control switch detection equipment consists of five parts:Heating system,Air cooling system,Load system,Detection control display system,alarm system.
1, the load system settings:

Test voltage: 0-400VAC adjustable;
Electrical load: 1 ~ 60A adjustable;
Number of tests set range: 1000-99999;
Heating temperature adjustment range: -40 ℃ to 500 ℃;
Cooling air pressure: 0 ~ 1MPa;
Station: 10; comes with resistance load platform,And can be an external load platform; can be preset the number of tests, cycle;With test sample failure automatic detection and failure alarm function;And shows the number of trials.

2, air flow system settings:
The temperature control switch placed in the oven for testing,The air flow rate of the test equipment shall not be less than 200 m / min,The internal temperature of the equipment is kept uniform(The best way for the bottom of the oven to install copper plus electric heating tube,Heating the upper end of the heating tube fan,Start the oven to start heating at the same time open the blast system to ensure that the temperature field temperature uniform);

3, temperature measurement system settings:
     Temperature sensor temperature sensor as close as possible to the temperature control switch,And parallel to the fan(The best way for the temperature control switch temperature sensor tied to the temperature sensor probe,Keep the temperature sensor measured and the temperature control switch actually pass | off temperature consistent),With the indicator light or other means to indicate on-off state,The temperature through the temperature control switch does not exceed 0.01A.

     Increase the air temperature in the test,The temperature change rate when the air temperature is lower than the rated breaking temperature lower limit temperature 10K does not exceed 0.5K / min,Until the temperature control switch action.
   Reduce air temperature,The temperature change rate when the temperature is about 10K higher than the upper limit of the reset temperature is not more than 0.5K / min,Until the temperature control switch is reset,Re-connect the loop (Because the temperature control switch and the temperature sensor temperature rate is not the same,Excessive temperature or cooling rate will lead to inaccurate test data);
      Products in the test,Temperature sensor in addition to temperature sensor outside the probe without any other objects,Because of other objects of endothermic,Easily lead to temperature control switch temperature hysteresis.

4, cooling system settings :
When the test equipment cools down,Ambient air through the pump into a high pressure air flow through the 1-10 nozzle applied to the heating plate,So that the heating plate quickly cooling,Thereby lowering the temperature sensor temperature,The thermostat will reset.
First, the cooling rate changes with the size of the pressure of the airflow,Cooling air pressure in the range of 0-1MPa continuously adjustable,In order to achieve on-off time control;

Second, the cooling according to the measured temperature control switch the size of the sensitive components,Can be flexible to choose 1-10 nozzles to apply temperature control switch on the sensitive components around the hot copper block,To achieve temperature-sensitive components around the surface of the hot copper block local cooling,Without the temperature of the entire temperature control switch down,The adjustable speed of the breaking speed is large;
Temperature control switch temperature test furnace