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Liquid expansion capillary thermostat use Precautions

Article Source:China electronic protection elAuthor:Yaxun ElectronicsPopularity:Published time:2017-01-08 23:50

Liquid expansion capillary thermostat use Precautions
Liquid expansion capillary thermostat is mainly used for electric control,Such as electric water heaters,Electric water boilers,Washing machines, electric ovens, etc.,Can also be used for room temperature control and refrigeration control.
Liquid expansion thermostat:Is when the controlled object temperature changes,So that the temperature controller temperature of the Ministry of the material (usually liquid) to produce the corresponding thermal expansion and contraction of the physical phenomena (volume change) And the membrane cartridge connected to the temperature sensing portion is expanded or contracted.To leverage the principle, driving the switch off action,To achieve constant temperature purposes.Liquid expansion temperature controller with temperature control accuracy,Stable and reliable, open stop temperature is small,Control temperature control range,Overload current and other performance characteristics.
1, liquid expansion capillary thermostat factory regulation shaft at high temperature;
2, liquid expansion thermostat installation,Temperature package as close as possible to be controlled temperature surface,Or to ensure that the entire thermal package and temperature measurement medium heat transfer is good,Can reduce the temperature error,To achieve accurate temperature control target.Installation can not cause deformation package temperature,So as not to affect its performance;
3, to avoid corrosion or conductive liquid medium,Into the liquid expansion thermostat inside or pollution thermostat surface,So as not to affect the electrical insulation properties and product features;
4, the installation of liquid expansion thermostat,Tighten the screws Do not press the main body,Tighten the screw to choose M4 * 5 or M4 * 6 is appropriate,So as to avoid causing the main deformation caused by the action temperature drift;
5, capillary, temperature package, is wearing parts,Not bumps, crushed, broken,The main body and the temperature tube and capillary connection 40mm shall not be distorted,Capillary bending radius must be greater than 5mm,The capillary is a hollow wire,Do not bend or bend at right angles to prevent internal fluid flow. ;
6, liquid expansion thermostat on the main useful red paint seal fixed nuts and screws,This is done after the temperature characteristic test,Do not allow free transfer.Otherwise it will change the performance of the thermostat;
7, liquid expansion temperature control package temperature parts of the maximum allowable temperature:H / off (highest point temperature) + 30 ° C,When used over this temperature value,The liquid expansion thermostat will be damaged.When the temperature limiter is reset,Must wait until the bulb temperature dropped more than 50 ℃,In order to manually reset the temperature limit;
8, liquid expansion type thermostat should be gently,So as not to damage or affect its performance.
9, when wiring terminals do not bend,So as to avoid internal shrapnel gap changes.
10, access to the voltage and current do not exceed the rated electrical product specifications.
11, temperature bar do not hard pressure deformation,So as not to cause internal pressure changes,Affect the accuracy.
Liquid expansion thermostat structure