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Characteristics of three-phase motor thermal snap switch

Article Source:Thermostat manufacturersAuthor:Yaxun ElectronicsPopularity:Published time:2017-05-01 20:30

Characteristics of three-phase motor thermal snap switch

Three-phase motor thermal snap switch with current overload protection and overheating protection of the double protection.
1, overload protection:
     When the motor winding coil current overload (large),When the motor current rating is exceeded,Motor thermal protector can be in the rated time, automatically disconnect the power circuit,Thus protecting the safety of the motor.

2, overheating protection:
Three-phase motor thermal protection device has the motor overload, lack of phase, stall and other circuits play a protective role.

      It can be applied to any form of wiring method of three-phase motor, submersible pumps and so on.4 within 10 seconds to automatically disconnect the power circuit, or motor winding coil overheating, more than the motor temperature protection,Can be installed inside the motor,Can also be installed outside the motor,Can also be installed on all machine control panels.Even can be installed on the wall of the power distribution board.

3, three-phase motor thermal snap switch can replace the thermal relay and AC contact device:
       This thermal protector can be used particularly in a highly fouling environment(This is because the AC contactor is fully enclosed,Its silver contacts are particularly vulnerable to damage in highly polluted environments.So AC contactors can not be used in highly polluted environments).The protector with energy-saving, action sensitive, reliable, affordable and so on.
    Customer feedback after use,Thermal protection device easy to install,There are obvious economic and social benefits.Other brands of thermal protector can not be installed on the control panel of the device,Also can not be installed on the wall switchboard.This is my company's patented product thermal protection advantage.Ya Xun thermal protection device is widely used.
Support power: 0.55KW - 75KW (5A - 150A)
Power supply voltage: 220V / 380V
Temperature range: 40 degrees - 150 degrees

  Yaxun thermal protector used in various submersible pumps and oil tank pump.Such as: all kinds of air conditioning, refrigerator.Use of motor protection in highly polluted environments.Also widely used in a variety of machine tools, washing machines, presses and other machine thermal protection.
three-phase motor thermal snap switch