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Temperature sensor price analysis

Article Source:China electronic protection elAuthor:Yaxun ElectronicsPopularity:Published time:2016-12-05 22:33

Temperature sensor price analysis

The temperature sensor price is the customer frequently asked the question,Reply to this question,You need to provide a lot of parameters,We can give an accurate offer.Now we summarize the temperature sensor quote.
Temperature sensors are generally customized according to customer requirements,Without a fixed parameter,Please provide the following preparation parameters:
1, the temperature sensor probe size:(             MM),Cylinder temperature sensor,Can provide the length and diameter of the probe,For non-regular sensor probes, detailed dimensional drawings are required.

2, the probe material: (                 )Common probe material of the metal shell,Plastic shell,Glass shell,Epoxy resin package.
3, the probe appearance: () temperature sensor probe appearance of many,Are installed according to customer fixed way,Design a different look.
4, the sensor chip: (               )Temperature sensing chip are:Thermocouple,Thermistor,PTC,Platinum resistance,Bimetallic sheet.

5, temperature range: (          ℃),Temperature sensor temperature range is different,Need to consider different wire and packaging.
6, the sensor accuracy: (            %),Customers can choose product accuracy, 1%, 2%, 3%, 5%, 10%
7, wire length and material: (            )Ordinary temperature power cord,High temperature Teflon, High temperature silicone wire.
8, waterproof rating: (            ),Temperature sensing of the waterproof level IP65, IP67, IP68.

My company can provide the products according to customer samples,Parameter test and material accounting,Given the standard product price,And provide the same sample to the customer。

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