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normally open temperature switch KSD301/ KSD302

Article Source:Thermostat manufacturersAuthor:Yaxun ElectronicsPopularity:Published time:2017-11-05 11:01

Thermostat refers to the working environment according to the temperature changes, the thermostat internal physical deformation, An automatic control element that generates an on or off operation, also known as temperature control switch, thermal protection, temperature controller, referred to as thermostat. Thermostat can be installed in electronic / electrical and other heating body. Comprising: a bimetal thermostat, a liquid expansion thermostat, mechanical thermostat, electronic thermostat etc.

bimetal thermostat
Bimetal Thermostat
Bimetal thermostat for electrical and automotive equipment overheating protection, bimetal thermostat models referred to as KSD, common such as KSD301, KSD302, KST, etc., Usually used in series with the thermal fuse. Our thermostats comply with CCC, CQC, ce, UL, ROHS, TUV, VDE, RU, pse, FCC, IEC and CB standards ... including: automatic reset, manual reset, normally open, normally closed , Adjustable type, unipolar, bipolar thermostat and etc.

Liquid Expansion Thermostat
Liquid Expansion Thermostat

When the temperature of the heating element changes, the temperature inside the temperature control part of the material (usually liquid) to produce the corresponding thermal expansion and contraction of the physical phenomenon, and the film cartridge connected to the temperature sensing portion is expanded or contracted. Use the lever principle to generate a switch on / off action. Stable and reliable, open the temperature difference is small, control the temperature control range, overload current and other performance characteristics. Liquid thermostat is mainly used for home appliances industry, electric equipment, refrigeration and other temperature control occasions.We thermostat in line with CCC, CQC, ce, UL, ROHS, TUV, IEC and CB standards ...... include: automatic reset, manual reset.

The fuse (FUSE) is overcurrent, overheat protection element, IEC127 standard it is defined as "the fuse link (fuse-link)". Its main role is to overload protection. The correct placement of the circuit fuse, the fuse will be in the current abnormally elevated to a certain height and heat of the moment, its own fuse cut off the current to protect the safe operation of the circuit. Fuses need to pass the CCC, CQC, ce, UL, ROHS, TUV, VDE, RU, pse, FCC, IEC and CB standards ...Including: current fuse, resettable fuse, Thermal fuse and car fuses ... ... and etc.

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