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Warm congratulations on the first China temperature sensor technology exchange will be held smoothly

Article Source:China electronic protection elAuthor:Yaxun ElectronicsPopularity:Published time:2016-12-15 23:16

Warm congratulations on the first China temperature sensor technology exchange will be held smoothly
On December 10, 2016,By the China Temperature Sensor Technical Committee,Temperature sensor Professional Committee of the contractor of China temperature sensor technology exchange,China Temperature Sensor Technology Committee (hereinafter referred to as temperature sensing professional committee)The first annual meeting in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province Convention and Exhibition Center was held,Experts from different temperature sensing areas in China gathered in Guangzhou.The current temperature sensor professional committee annual work arrangements are as follows:

First, visit the site to study the temperature sensing technology in the field of aerospace technology applications.
8:10 am members of the space temperature in the six homes Institute of Temperature Sensing collection,By the temperature sensing professional committee chairman, director Zhang Xinhuan led,To Asia's largest engine test center,Site to observe the space engine test opened the first session of the prelude to the exchange,And after listening to the experts listen to the temperature sensing in the field of aerospace applications analysis,Visit the completed engine.
Second, the exchange of meetings to enhance understanding of temperature sensing technology.The meeting was chaired by Chen Hongbing, secretary general of the temperature sensing technology committee.China Temperature Sensing Test Center Office Director Chen Ying made a special trip to participate in the meeting and delivered a speech:Appreciate the positive attitude of the temperature sensing technology special committee;To convey the concern of the director of the Temperature Sensing Technology Committee, Deputy Director Zhang Yiqun of AQSIQ;I hope to take full advantage of this collection of opportunities,The temperature sensing technology committee work carried out.
At the meeting, Zhang Xinhuan chairman,Wang Shiguo, vice chairman,Deputy Secretary-General Wu Wei made a special report on temperature sensing technology exchange.
Temperature sensing technology report exchange,Not just a space temperature sensing technology research methods,Wireless communications instrumentation network,A new generation of domestic temperature sensing technology standard devices such as sensor technology exchange of knowledge,But also after 60, 70, 80 after the blending mode of thinking collision,Mutual benefit.
Third, the middle of the rest time to further share:Around the representative of a new generation of domestic temperature sensing technology Ya Xun products,
A lively discussion and learning.Yaxun e-display on the ultra-high temperature temperature sensing technology,Ultra-low temperature temperature sensing technology,Temperature sensor new packaging technology to give a high evaluation.
Fourth, the meeting arranged in 2017 temperature sensing technology special committee work plan.Temperature sensing technology committee is scheduled for the second half of 2017 to carry out temperature sensing technical specification publicity,Editing and publishing "China Temperature Sensing Technical Committee Sensing Professional Committee Manual"And in November to carry out a China's temperature sensing technology institutions sensing knowledge contest.

【Conclusion】China Temperature Sensing Technology Testing Center,China Sensing Technology Committee first exchange will uphold the establishment of innovation,Coordination, green, open mind,Practical and pragmatic,Mutual benefit,Exploring out of the Chinese temperature sensor cooperation in the new model of the first step.
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