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Yaxun electronic temperature sensor 2017 Exhibition Plan

Article Source:China electronic protection elAuthor:Yaxun ElectronicsPopularity:Published time:2016-12-14 21:33

Yaxun electronic temperature sensor 2017 Exhibition Plan
The 7th China (Shanghai) International Sensor and Application Technology Exhibition
For the expansion of the company's brand image,increase popularity,Bring new customers,I developed a series of 2017 marketing plan,In recent years my company's products to the quality and price to occupy a lot of development and some developed countries in the market,This allows the international market continue to accept from my company's products like,Participate in various exhibitions can be the first to establish cooperation with foreign business relations,Improve my company's competitiveness.I believe in a variety of exhibitions,My company's products (temperature sensors, temperature switches, temperature fuses, fuses)Will certainly be favored by foreign visitors!

Exhibition As follows:
Time: May 4-5, 2017 Location: Shanghai New International Expo Center
  Organizational unit: China Machinery Manufacturing Industry Association
  Shanghai Ye Wen Exhibition Service Co., Ltd
  Jiangsu Province Sensor Industry Technology Association
China Robot Industry Association
  China Association of Automobile Manufacturers
  China Industrial Automation Association
  Guangdong Electronic Transformer Inductor Industry Association
China Aerospace Association
  China Instrument Industry Association Sensor Branch
  China Machinery Industry Federation
  Overseas delegation: German Association of Sensing Technology
American Society of Sensor Networks
  Japan Automatic Identification Association
Korea Business Association
Overseas promotion: United Phoenix (UK) Limited
China International Technology Exchange Center
  Organizer: Shanghai Ye Wen Exhibition Service Co., Ltd  Shanghai enterprises source Exhibition Services Ltd.

》》》Exhibition Overview Do not miss the opportunity of temperature sensor industry                              
Temperature sensors have long been penetrated into industries such as industrial production,Space development,Marine exploration,Environmental protection,Resource survey,Medical diagnosis,Biological Engineering,And even cultural relics protection and so on.It is no exaggeration to say,From the vast space, to the vast ocean,As well as a variety of complex engineering systems,Almost every modernization project,Are inseparable from a variety of temperature sensors.Thus, the temperature sensor technology in the development of economy and promote social progress in the important role,Is very obvious.The world attaches great importance to the development of this field.I believe that in the near future, temperature sensor technology will be a leap,To achieve its important position commensurate with a new level.   
As the only by many domestic and foreign trade associations,Government departments directly involved in the organization of the sensor field of professional exhibitions,With its "theme clear, prominent features, pragmatic and innovative" consistent style,In the industry's visibility and influence on the rise.The industry has been regarded as "understanding of industry information,Grasp the market dynamics,Display corporate brand,Expand trade channels,Seek opportunities for cooperation, "the best platform.The good effect of the exhibition has won many exhibitors and the audience of praise and favor.Has become Asia's most authoritative,Professional highest,The largest sensor industry professional exhibition.   
   》》》Temperature Sensor Exhibitor grounds
Scale advantages,Get to know new distributors and buyers -For the exhibitors to effectively display the effect of providing effective protection.The exhibition is expected to attend the audience will be more than 50,000 people,To take a strong global investment promotion model,Will integrate the previous exhibition of the database,Focus on inviting users to visit the sensor industry to negotiate.
Seamless,Invite domestic and foreign merchants - in the exhibition hall, subway stations, hotels are advertising signs,And arrange more than 1,000 foreign language professionals,Will be related to the exhibition area of professional buyers directly to the exhibition site to discuss the procurement.
Develop new markets,Consolidate the existing market share -An exhibition throughout the year to enjoy online and offline comprehensive publicity, publicity related to the site,Magazines, newspapers, mobile newspaper, microblogging, WeChat and other new media,A multiple exhibition surprise.Keeping up with the latest market developments, sharing of interactive, ad hoc one-on-one trade matching,Invites from online and offline sensor industry user purchasing person in charge,Viewers from around the world more than 50 countries and regions,Arrange one to one meeting to discuss,Improve your product sales a great way.
   》》》Scope of Exhibits:
1, the sensor;Resistive sensors,Frequency power sensor,Load cells,Resistance strain sensor,Piezoresistive sensors,Thermal resistance sensor,Laser sensors,Hall sensor,Temperature Sensor,Accelerometer,Wireless temperature sensor,Intelligent sensors,Photosensitive sensors,biological sensor,Visual sensors,Conductivity sensors,Motion detector;Pressure Sensor,Ultrasonic distance measurement sensor, 24GHz radar sensor,Integrated temperature sensor,liquid level sensor,Vacuum sensors,Capacitive level sensors,Antimony electrode acidity sensor, acid, alkali, salt concentration sensors;
2, sensor systems and sensor test equipment, packaging,Integrated components and sensors related to research and development technology;
3, industry associations, government organizations, network media;

my company will be with the company and more than 500 direct contact,Including: VAISALA, Dana Hesit, OPTOI, Silan, research Sheng, EnOcean, Monteford, Keyence, to Branch, Pepperl + Fuchs, HBM, Lens, Mike, CSR Times, Lanbao, Grams, Roma, aerospace electronics, UOB, Turck, and other global international large enterprises,Look forward to 2017 market sales occupied the global market.