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Yaxun Electronics assist students thermistor temperature sensor molecular structure

Article Source:China electronic protection elAuthor:Yaxun ElectronicsPopularity:Published time:2016-12-02 20:00

Yaxun Electronics assist students thermistor temperature sensor  molecular structure
November 1, 2016 - 5,Yaxun electronic assistance, Zhejiang University, Department of Physics, held thermistor molecular structure of science,Practical training course was successfully held in Zhejiang University.
This training content is the thermistor molecular structure and temperature change reaction law.Different from previous training,The training more emphasis on theory with practice,
In addition to careful teaching materials,More emphasis on the actual operation of the exercise.Yaxun Electronics In line with the event,Specifically to all kinds of advanced temperature tester,
Constant temperature tanks and other equipment to the on-site laboratories.For the majority of students,Provides an opportunity for practical operation.
  The training explained in detail the PTC, NTC heat-sensitive molecular structure and product sintering process.The course content is as follows:

PTC thermistor molecular structure:
The PTC thermistor is a sintered body mainly composed of BaTiO3 or SrTiO3 or PbTiO3,Wherein Nb, Ta, Bi, Sb, Y, La and the like doped with a small amount of a substance are semiconducted by controlling the atomic valence,Often such semiconductor materials such as BaTiO3 semi-conductive (body) porcelain;At the same time, adding Mn, Fe, Cu, Cr and other additives which increase the positive temperature coefficient of resistance,The use of general ceramic forming process,High temperature sintering so that the platinum titanate and its solid solution semiconducting,Thereby obtaining a thermistor material having a positive characteristic.Site sintering of different molecular proportions combined, and then the structure of the PTC thermistor is not tested.
NTC thermistor molecular structure of an example:
NTC thermistor material is the use of manganese, copper, silicon, cobalt, iron, nickel, zinc and other two or more metal oxides for full mixing, molding, sintering and other technology from the semiconductor ceramics,Can be made with a negative temperature coefficient (NTC) of the thermistor.The resistivity and material constants vary with the material composition ratio, sintering atmosphere, sintering temperature and structure state.Non-oxide NTC thermistor materials such as silicon carbide, tin selenide, tantalum nitride and the like have also been developed.

electronic technology hand to the Department of Physics, Zhejiang University students to teach,Structure Knowledge of Thermistor Composition and Working Characteristic of Thermistor.Zhejiang University to give high praise.The training, students have 160 people,And share their online learning experience,Interaction with classmates,Improve learning efficiency,As a new teaching methods in some teachers and students interactive,Student autonomy strong case,By the students' warm welcome.
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