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Yaxun Electronics introduce high-end CNC machining center _Self-developed car temperature sensor and car water temperature control switch copper probe

Article Source:China electronic protection elAuthor:Yaxun ElectronicsPopularity:Published time:2016-11-23 18:23

Yaxun Electronics introduce high-end CNC machining center _Self-developed car water temperature sensor and car temperature control switch copper probe
Yaxun Electronics after years of development,Large supply water  temperature sensor and automotive copper temperature control switch products,Previously no CNC machining centers, copper probe shell are outward processing,Product quality and delivery time can not be completely controlled by our company.Often appears not timely delivery,Quality of instability.After the company decided to introduce CNC machining center.Speed up the company's product development and research,So that the upgrading of technology to walk in the forefront of the industry.
my company Vigorously develop Europe,The United States and other markets,More stringent requirements on the product.The accuracy of copper shell requirements: a resolution of 0.1μm,

Cause CNC machining center,To facilitate the product development,But also to meet different customer custom samples,For the market development provides the impetus.
1, the processing complex shape of the copper probe does not require complex tooling.To change the shape and size of the water temperature sensor,Only need to modify the part processing program,For new product development and modification.
2, processing quality and stability,Processing high precision,Repeat the high precision,To adapt to the water temperature sensor and automotive temperature control switch processing requirements.
3, for many varieties,Small batch production of the situation,Can improve production efficiency,Reduce unit price.
4, can be processed by conventional methods difficult to process complex copper probe,And even some of the processing can not observe the processing site.

Thread type  Outside cutter dimensions   External thread 6g (2A)    Internal thread 6H (2B)                     Inside hole cutter size
M3*0.5     Φ3(-0.05/-0.1)  Φ3(-0.02/-0.126)    Φ2.459(+0.14/0)     Φ2.5(+0.08/0) 
M3*0.35  Φ3(-0.05/-0.1)  Φ3(-0.019/-0.104)   Φ2.621(+0.1/0)     Φ2.6(+0.12/+0.0
M4*0.7  Φ4(-0.05/-0.15)   Φ4(-0.022/-0.162)   Φ3.242(+0.18/0)   Φ3.3(+0.1/0)
M4*0.5  Φ4(-0.05/-0.1)  Φ4(-0.02/-0.126)  Φ3.459(+0.14/0)        Φ3.5(+0.1/0)
M5*0.8  Φ5(-0.05/-0.15)   Φ5(-0.024/-0.174)   Φ4.134(+0.2/0)    Φ4.2(+0.1/0)
M5*0.5  Φ5(-0.05/-0.1)  Φ5(-0.02/-0.126)  Φ4.459(+0.14/0)        Φ4.5(+0.1/0)
M6*1  Φ6(-0.05/-0.15)   Φ6(-0.026/-0.206)   Φ4.917(+0.236/0)  Φ5(+0.1/0)
M6*0.75  Φ6(-0.05/-0.15)   Φ6(-0.022/--0.162)  Φ5.188(+0.19/0)   Φ5.2(+0.1/0)
M8*1.25  Φ8(-0.1/-0.2)   Φ8(-0.028/--0.240)  Φ6.647(+0.265/0)  Φ6.8(+0.1/0)
M8*1  Φ8(-0.1/-0.2)   Φ8(-0.026/-0.206)   Φ6.917(+0.236/0)  Φ7(+0.1/0)
M8*0.75  Φ8(-0.05/-0.15)   Φ8(-0.022/-0.162)   Φ7.188(+0.19/0)   Φ7.2(+0.1/0)
M10*1.5  Φ10(-0.1/-0.2)  Φ10(-0.032/-0.268)  Φ8.376(+0.3/0)  Φ8.5(+0.1/0)
M10*1.25  Φ10(-0.1/-0.2)  Φ10(-0.028/-0.24)   Φ8.647(+0.0.265/0)  Φ8.8(+0.1/0)
M10*0.75  Φ10(-0.05/-0.15)  Φ10(-0.022/-0.162)  Φ9.188(+0.19/0)   Φ9.25(+0.1/0) 
M10*1  Φ10(-0.1/-0.2)  Φ10(-0.026/-0.206)  Φ8.917(+0.236/0)  Φ9(+0.1/0)
M12*1  Φ12(-0.1/-0.2)  Φ12(-0.026/-0.206)  Φ10.917(+0.236/0)   Φ11(+0.1/0) 
M12*1.75  Φ12(-0.1/-0.2)  Φ12(-0.034/-0.299)  Φ10.106(+0.335/0)   Φ10.3(+0.1/0) 
M12*1.25  Φ12(-0.1/-0.2)  Φ12(-0.028/0.24)   Φ10.647(+0.265/0)   Φ10.8(+0.1/0) 
M12*1.5  Φ12(-0.1/-0.2)  Φ12(-0.032/-0.268)  Φ10.376(+0.3/0)   Φ10.5(+0.1/0) 
M14*2  Φ14(-0.15/-0.25)  Φ14(-0.038/-0.318)  Φ11.835(+0.375/0)   Φ12.1(+0.1/0) 
M14*1.5  Φ14(-0.15/-0.25)  Φ14(-0.032/-0.268)  Φ12.376(+0.3/0)   Φ12.5(+0.1/0) 
M14*1  Φ14(-0.05/-0.15)  Φ14(-0.026/-0.206)  Φ12.917(+0.236/0)   Φ13(+0.1/0) 
M16*1  Φ16(-0.05/-0.15)  Φ16(-0.026/-0.206)  Φ14.917(+0.236/0)   Φ15((+0.1/0)
M16*2   Φ16(-0.15/-0.25)  Φ16(-0.038/0.318)  Φ13.835(+0.375/0)   Φ14.1(+0.1/0) 
M16*1.5  Φ16(-0.15/-0.25)  Φ16(-0.032/-0.268)  Φ14.376(+0.3/0)   Φ14.5(+0.1/0) 
M18*1.5  Φ18(-0.15/-0.25)  Φ18(-0.032/-0.268)  Φ16.376(+0.3/0)   Φ16.5(+0.1/0) 
M18*1  Φ18(-0.1/-0.2)  Φ18 (-0.026/-0.206)   Φ16.917(+0.236/0)   Φ17.1(+0.1/0) 
M18*2.5  Φ18(-0.2/-0.3)  Φ18(-0.042/-0.377)  Φ15.294(+0.45/0)  Φ15.6(+0.1/0) 
M18*2  Φ18(-0.2/-0.3)  Φ18(-0.038/-0.318)  Φ15.835(+0.375/0)   Φ16.1(+0.1/0) 
M20*2  Φ20(-0.1/-0.2)  Φ20(-0.038/-0.318)  Φ17.835(+0.375/0)   Φ18.1(+0.1/0) 
M20*1  Φ20(-0.05/-0.15)  Φ20(-0.026/-0.206)  Φ18.917(+0.236/0)   Φ19.1(+0.1/0) 
M20*1.5  Φ20(-0.1/-0.2)  Φ20(-0.032/-0.268)  Φ18.376(+0.3/0)   Φ18.5(+0.1/0) 
M20*2.5  Φ20(-0.2/-0.3)  Φ20(-0.042/-0.377)  Φ17.294(+0.45/0)  Φ17.6(+0.1/0) 
M22*1  Φ22(-0.05/-0.15)  Φ22(-0.026/-0.206)  Φ20.917(+0.236/0)   Φ21(+0.1/0)

I have the conventional copper probe size as above,I can now customize the different sizes of copper threaded connector for water temperature sensor | automotive temperature control switch probe.Welcome to inquire.