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Yaxun electronic introduction -Bimetal Multi-slide (BIHLER and Finzer) automatic stamping machine

Article Source:China electronic protection elAuthor:Yaxun ElectronicsPopularity:Published time:2016-11-18 21:25

Yaxun electronic introduction -Bimetal Multi-slide (BIHLER and Finzer) automatic stamping machine
High-tech BIHLER and Finzer bimetal punching machine,Equipped with advanced equipment for tapping thread and welding contacts.
We have high-speed presses ranging from 6 to 150 tons to ensure first-class bimetallic quality, Improve the bimetal thermostat price competitiveness.
Solid or bimetallic rivets are mainly used for automatic insertion of rivets through P & B,Improve the temperature control of the production speed and product quality
We are the market leader,The rivet is inserted into the bimetal carrier tape at a speed of more than 600 per minute.
Rivets are still used in micro-switches and temperature rise is more sensitive and there are resistance problems in the product,Our process ensures optimum contact between the rivet and the bimetal carrier tape,To avoid such problems.Bimetal punching machine
Not easy for welding materials,This process is the best practice.
We are able to help customers through the use of solid-state silver rivets or bimetal carrier strips with our on-line welding machines,To 600 per minute welding speed,And the amount of silver used is reduced.

After the introduction of equipment,Yaxun Electronics to improve production efficiency by 50% ,To ensure product quality,Reducing the thermostat, temperature sensor product prices,For my company's modernization drive.
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