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Dongguan Yaxun Electron - 2016 National Day holiday notice: October 1 TO October 7

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Dongguan Yaxun Electronic Hardware Product Co., Ltd. -2016 National Day holiday arrangements

             Approved by the State Council,Now 2016 New Year's Day, Spring Festival, Ching Ming Festival, Labor Day, Dragon Boat Festival,Specific arrangements for Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holidays notifications off date is as follows.

2016 holiday arrangements (7 times)

First, the new year's Day: January 1st holiday, and the weekend.
Two, the Spring Festival: February 7th to 13 vacation days off, a total of 7 days.February 6th (Saturday), February 14th (Sunday).
Three, Tomb-sweeping Day: April 4th and the holiday weekend holiday,
Four, Labor Day: April 30th ~ 5 month 2 days, May 2nd, (Monday) Compensatory leave
Five, the Dragon Boat Festival: June 9th to 11 vacation days off, a total of 3 days.Work on June 12th (Sunday).
Six, the Mid Autumn Festival: September 15th to 17 vacation days off, a total of 3 days. Work on September 18th (Sunday).
Seven, National Day: October 1st to 7 vacation days off, a total of 7 days. October 8th (Saturday), October 9th (Sunday).
During the holidays,All departments should make proper arrangements for duty,Protection of customer order requirements.Business department should know in advance,All customers in advance to arrange the order of production arrangements,Before the holiday to resolve all customer orders and shipments.During the holidays you can consult products business, but not for production.Thank you, old and new customers for their support and understanding.
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