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fan temperature switch technical standards

fan temperature switch technical standards Fan temperature switch is the use of bimetallic thermal expansion and contraction of the working principle.Thermal expansion and contraction is the common nature of the object,But the degree of thermal expansion and contraction of different objects is not the same.Bimetal on both sides of the metal is different from the conductor,At a varying temperature, the bimetallic sheet is bent due to the difference in the degree of shrinkage,Touch the set of contacts or switches,So that the set circuit (protection) to work. Fan temperature switch is a kind of bimetal as a temperature control device thermostat,When the fan is working properly,Bimetal in a free state,Contact is closed / disconnected,When the temperature reaches the operating temperature,Bimetallic sheet heat generated by the internal stress and rapid action,Open / close contact,Cut off / on circuit,Which play a role in temperature control.When the appliance is cooled to the reset temperature,Contact automatically closed / open,Return to normal working condition. KSD301, KSD9700, TB02, 17AM, BW9700, KW9700 are fan temperature control device,These temperature control switches are convenient for customers to design and install easily,The appearance is not the same,Product functions are the same. Features: With stable performance, high precision, small size, light weight, high reliability, long life,On the radio dry worry small and so on. Precautions 1, the use of contact temperature-sensitive installation,The metal cover should be brought into close contact with the surface of the controlled heating element, To ensure the temperature effect,Should be coated with thermal grease on the surface of the thermal conductivity or other similar thermal conductivity medium. 2, the installation can not cover the top of the collapse,Loose or deformed, so as not to affect performance. 3, can not let the liquid into the temperature inside the device,Do not make the shell cracks,Do not arbitrarily change the shape of the external terminal.
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