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Yaxun Thermostat 2017 Good Opening

Article Source:Thermostat factoryAuthor:Yaxun ElectronicsPopularity:Published time:2019-08-06 17:16

Yaxun Thermostat 2017 Good Opening.

The first month of 2017,Yaxun thermostat farewell Spring Festival holiday,Start a new year of struggle.
The rising sun, the public mining flying.Blink of an eye, the Spring Festival holiday is the scene of yesterday!With the firecrackers competing with salute bloom,Yaxun temperature control family gathered,Qi started the Year of the Ox.For the needs of the post,For the company's development,They ended the family reunion time,Back to their posts on the selfless work, selfless dedication.In order to express respect for the Yaxun thermostat family,Mr. Chen personally returned for the family to send New Year red envelopes,2017 struggle to declare the beginning of life.
Yaxun various departments announced in place,thermostat,Temperature sensors and other departments have entered the R & D and production,Marketing and sales to restore business orders and customer after-sales maintenance,Yaxun will continue to provide high quality customer service.Sales Department, Ministry of Foreign Trade and other departments have sounded a gun salute,Cheers for the new year's new start.
"Every day we pursue progress."The new year, Yaxun will always adhere to the brand line,Has always been to "quality-oriented,Service-oriented "as a corpora,Always adhere to the concept of using technology to create value,With the quality of the perfect interpretation of the brand's height.
Dongguan Yaxun Electronic Hardware Products Co., Ltd. is a vibrant, full of vitality,Full of imagination and creativity of the manufacturers,After more than 10 years of brand,Our culture of integrity, sound live by,Tough and realistic style of doing things;2017 Dongguan Yaxun will continue to work hard,
We believe that with the help of friends,After their own hard work,Dongguan Yaxun will gradually grow stronger,With these,I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all those who have supported us.