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Working principle and quality judgment of KSD301 thermostat

Article Source:Thermal protectorAuthor:YaxunPopularity:Published time:2019-10-30 16:05

At present, the price of the KSD301 thermostat on the market is different, and the difference is very different. Of course, there are many differences in quality. So how do you judge the quality of the thermostat? This begins with the principle of the thermostat. Let's take the KSD301 thermostat as an example:

working principle:
The KSD301 thermostat uses a disc-shaped bimetal as a temperature sensing body. When the temperature rises to a certain value, the bimetal disc jumps, the drive contacts act quickly, and the circuit is disconnected. When the temperature drops to a certain value, the bimetal disc is reset, and the contacts are restored to their original state, achieving the purpose of the on/off circuit.

And indicators:
1, temperature sensing speed: This aspect needs to match the power of the heating product, and the higher the power, the faster the heating. Then you need to consider the temperature sensing time of the thermostat and select the temperature section correctly. The thermostat needs to have the characteristics of fast temperature sensing, quick motion and no arcing.

2. The heat of the thermostat itself: At present, the copper material inside the thermostat has different heating of different copper materials. If the material used is too hot, it will affect the temperature of the bimetal. This requires a non-current thermal effect design with a temperature standard and a long life.

3. Installation of the thermostat: The temperature control switch is sensitive to the aluminum cover that is sealed on the surface. It is then added to the internal air of the thermostat or radiated heat to the temperature sensing body through the aluminum cover. Then the installation should be such that the product is placed close to the mounting surface of the controlled appliance. Then in the installation it must also be considered, can not forcefully collapse or deform the shell, so as not to affect its performance.

4. When the thermostat is used in some heat-generating products that are sensitive to voltage and current, then electrical problems need to be considered. The best choice is the normal electrical strength: 50Hz, 2000V, 1m temperature-free switch without breakdown or flash.

5. Service life is critical. The life of the thermostat requires consideration of two key components. One is a bimetal, and the life of the bimetals at different temperatures will vary greatly. Of course, the price will vary greatly. One is the contact, and the on/off of the temperature control switch is realized by the contact and disconnection of the contacts. Common contacts are copper, silver, and gold. Therefore, materials and material thicknesses capable of withstanding certain currents and voltages are required. The above two points are not much to say.

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