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What is the wall-mounted furnace thermostat? How to choose the temperature controller?

Article Source:Thermal protectorAuthor:YaxunPopularity:Published time:2019-06-13 16:03

Many people have wall-mounted stoves installed in their homes. As a heating device for home heating, wall-hung boilers bring great convenience to people. I will introduce you to the wall-mounted furnace thermostat today. What is the wall heater thermostat? What are the benefits of using a fireplace and how to properly select the right thermostat?

wall heater thermostat
It is well known that the wall-hanging stove itself has an electronic display screen that intelligently displays and regulates the temperature of the water. In addition to hot water, the wall-hanging stove itself has the function of providing heating. The electronic display screen equipped with the wall-hanging stove itself is very difficult to adjust the heating temperature. In order to solve this problem, people often configure a temperature controller for the wall-hanging furnace. The room temperature of the wall-hanging furnace is controlled by the wall-hanging furnace temperature controller. Therefore, the wall-mounted furnace thermostat often has its own temperature measurement function, and must also be connected to the power supply of the wall-hung boiler to control the temperature by controlling the opening and closing of the wall-hung boiler.

At present, there are mainly the following types of wall-mounted furnace thermostats: mechanical and electronic. Electronic type is divided into non-programming and programming, the former is a common wall-mounted furnace temperature controller, while the latter is known as the wall-mounted furnace temperature intelligent instrument. Compared with the electronic wall-hung boiler thermostat, the mechanical wall-hung boiler thermostat has complicated operation, simple function and inaccurate temperature control. The non-programmed electronic wall-hung boiler temperature controller is simple and intuitive to operate, but can only achieve basic control, and some people need manual supervision. The wall-hung boiler temperature smart meter is the most popular type of wall-hung boiler thermostat, which requires the support of WiFi network, and is often used together with a smart phone. It is the most recommended kind of wall-hung boiler thermostat to save energy without affecting comfort and convenience.