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What are the electronic components of the wall-hung boiler thermostat?

Article Source:未知Author:adminPopularity:Published time:2019-06-24 20:17

The electronic components of the thermostat are not known to many friends. Let me tell you what electronic components are included in the thermostat. The thermostats vary in size. Large thermostats may be a bit larger on the original, especially some smaller thermostats, whose electronic components are very small and delicate. Thermostats are recognized in our society and in our lives, and the chances of emergence are increasing, so that we can't ignore his power. Of course, the types of thermostats are very, very numerous. So far, the types of thermostats are electronic thermostats, metal expansion thermostats, and steam pressure thermostats. Although the three types of thermostats are not the same in name, their principles are roughly the same. The important thing is that the electronic components used between the three will also have some small differences due to type differences, but they will not be particularly large.

There are also many different types of thermostats. Let's take the electronic thermostat. It is measured by the resistance temperature method. The materials used in this thermostat generally have white gold wire and copper, as well as semiconductors. These resistors also have great advantages for temperature-measuring resistors. In the form of thermistor on the air conditioning sensor, this form is also a good bridge. The ability to control the temperature of the air conditioner and keep the temperature of the air conditioner constant within a range achieves the effect of temperature control and is a method often used in air conditioners.

In addition to the electronic thermostat, there is also a metal expansion thermostat, which uses a very simple physical principle, which is the principle of thermal expansion and contraction. Objects that are inflated and contracted have a common characteristic, that is, they expand when they encounter heat, and shrink when they encounter cold. What are the electronic components of the thermostat, including the bimetal! The bimetal will also show its power here. Of course, since it is a metal expansion type thermostat, the original used also has a bimetal, which is also one of the many indispensable in the air. Its construction is a bit more complicated, but they are basically different in principle. Different types of thermostats use different electronic components. As for the final steam pressure thermostat, it is a little different, it is the temperature control by the pressure of steam.

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