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What Is Protection Element Small Batch Manufacturing?

What Is Protection Element Small Batch Manufacturing?

Whether you need a hundred parts every few months, or hundreds of thousands of parts every month, our small batch manufacturing service is for you. It’s great if you need small quantities on a regular basis or if you want to bridge the gap between the proofing stage and full-scale production. Get to market faster with our small batch manufacturing service.
At Yaxun, we work with you every step of the way, from initial project review and quotation to inspection and delivery. So contact our friendly team to get a free quote for your next project today.

Benefits Of Protection Element Small Batch Manufacturing
Many of our customers choose small batch manufacturing to allow for flexibility in design changes, to test the market, and for cost savings. This is especially true if we have already made the initial prototype of their new design idea. With our fast, small batch production process, you can have your electronic component quickly. When you need more we will have your tool on hand ready to go. This will ensure you save time every time. Read about why we think that small batch manufacturing is the way of the future.

Protection Element Small Batch Manufacturing Services
Automatic testing equipment, from proofing to delivery allows you to see the entire process of product quality, Our small batch manufacturing services including Thermostat, thermal fuse, temperature sensor, fuse, overload protection and automatic detection standard and more you will receive the best results for overheating, overcurrent, Measuring temperature protection components .

Thermostat is a temperature protection device, suitable for a variety of electrical equipment overheating protection, thermostats have many different temperature control methods.
Thermostat Small Batch Manufacturing

Temperature Sensor
The temperature sensor is a temperature sensing and signal output device, applicable to a variety of electrical equipment, temperature sensing, wide variety. According to the sensor chip and electronic components are divided into two types of thermal resistance and thermocouple.
Temperature Sensor Small Batch Manufacturing

Thermal Fuses
Thermal fuse is a temperature sensing, circuit cut off protection device, suitable for a variety of electrical equipment, temperature protection. To avoid the occurrence of fire.
Thermal Fuse small batch manufacturing

Fuses are also known as current fuses and are current-carrying protection elements. When the circuit fails or abnormal, the fuse itself cut off the current, to protect the electrical safe operation.
Fuse Small Batch Manufacturing

Overload Protector
Overload protection is widely used in machinery, metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, textile industry and other industrial three-phase motor and other electrical protection and monitoring. The main functions are: over current protection, short circuit protection, Phase failure protection, Phase unbalance protection, Phase error protection
Overload Protector Small Batch Manufacturing

Testing standards
We have a series of test standards, committed to achieving your product 100% quality pass rate.
Overheating, overcurrent protection component testing standards

Are You Ready To Start Your Next Project?

When you’re ready to discuss your project, send us an enquiry and/or upload your product parameter standard file to get your free quote and proofing. We are 100% focused on supporting your project with solutions that help get your product to market, fast.
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