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Thermostat function and application classification

Thermostat classification:Bimetallic thermostat,Liquid expansion thermostat,Pressure-type thermostat,Electronic thermostat,Digital thermostat.
    Different thermostats are used in different products,They are important overheating protection equipment.
Control methods are generally divided into two types:
1 is controlled by the temperature change of the object to be cooled,The use of steam pressure-type temperature controller,
2, by the cooling object to change the temperature difference to control,More use of electronic temperature controller.

   Among them, Bimetallic thermostat is a bimetallic thermal protection,It is used in a variety of electric products,Usually used in series with the thermal fuse.
    Liquid expansion thermostat is mainly used for home appliance industry,Electric heating equipment, refrigeration industry and other temperature control occasions.When the temperature of the controlled object changes,The temperature of the material will occur in the phenomenon of hot and cold shrinkage,So that the associated membrane box to expand or shrink,And then drive the switch action.Its control of the temperature adjustment range is larger,The overload current is large,Work stable and reliable.

The pressure-type thermostat is sealed,Filled with temperature sensitive material of the temperature package,And capillaries,The change of the controlled temperature into a change in the pressure or volume of the space,When the temperature setting is reached,Through the elastic components and fast transient mechanism,Automatic closing contact,To achieve the purpose of automatic control of the temperature.Used in refrigeration equipment, general refrigerators, freezers, etc. have to use it.It is also widely used in heaters.

Electronic temperature controller (resistance), a resistance of the temperature sensing methods of measurement.Electronic thermostat is mainly used in home air conditioning, refrigerator equipment.
Thermostat classification
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