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Thermal fuse Application Examples

Article Source:Yaxun ElectronicsAuthor:Yaxun Thermal fuse APopularity:Published time:2016-09-18 11:01

Thermal fuse Application Examples

Thermal fuse Application Examples

Thermal fuse also It is called Fuse,  IEC127 standard defines it as "fuse (fuse-link)". It is an installation in the circuit to ensure the protection of electrical overheating electrical components. Thermal fuse role is: When a circuit failure or abnormal, along with electrical temperature rising, and elevated temperatures may damage the device or some important products expensive devices, there may be burned circuit or even cause a fire.If the circuit correctly placed Thermal fuse,Then, the Thermal fuse will be in abnormal temperature rises to a certain height, when, Self-fusing current is cut off, and thus play a role in thermal protection of the safe operation of appliances.

   1, the current Thermal fuse has been widely used in industrial electronics, telecommunications and home appliance products, such as:
Small appliances: rice cookers, coffee machine, soybean milk, grilled, heaters, hair dryer, iron, vacuum cleaner, dryer, juicer, gas water heaters, electric water heaters, toaster, electric fans, electric blankets, smoked incense, a Large appliances: air conditioners, refrigerators, electric washing machine
Automotive: Automotive air-conditioning, heated seats, ABS protection
Optical: halogen, LED lights, start capacitor
Components: capacitors, resistors, MOV
Electric car: battery charging,
Industrial control and automation: Automatic Robot,
Communications: mobile terminal,
Thermal fuse rated current from 0.5A to 25A products. Through safety testing to protect consumer personal and property safety, the typical method is to add a Thermal fuse, which is higher than the operating temperature limit thermostat to control the temperature, in the case of abnormal overheating or temperature limiter failure, safely and reliably disconnected.

2, the coil Thermal fuse thermal protection (transformer) Application examples:
      (1) Within transformer short-circuit, referring to each other electrically conductive coil
(2) external transformer shorted, resulting in excessive current
When the transformer is abnormal, will be fever, severe the situation will be bad product heat temperature is to ensure the protection of the main transformer components work properly.
The transformer abnormal, abnormal heating coil, heating Thermal fuse Thermal fuse, the transformer input circuit breaker, transformer stopped working, the fuse play overheat protection.

3, the Thermal fuse selection
i) The Thermal fuse has rated current and voltage, the fusing temperature (Tf), temperature (Th), the maximum temperature (Tm), to be used in the specified parameters.
4, the Thermal fuse Category:

Material: it can be divided into a metal shell, plastic shell, shell oxide film

It can be divided according to temperature: 73 degrees 99 degrees 77 degrees 94 degrees 113 degrees 121 degrees 133 degrees 142 degrees 157 degrees 172 degrees 192 degrees 216 degrees 227 degrees 240 degrees 70 degrees 77 degrees 84 degrees 92 degrees 95 degrees 105 degrees 110 degrees 115 degrees 121 degrees 128 degrees 130 degrees 139 degrees 141 degrees 144 degrees 152 degrees 157 degrees 169 degrees 184 degrees 185 degrees 192 degrees 216 degrees 227 degrees 228 degrees 240 degrees 250 degrees 280 degrees 320 degrees

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