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The effect of anti-drying temperature control switch on electric kettle

Article Source:thermal protectorAuthor:Yaxun electronicPopularity:Published time:2019-11-23 09:31

Recently, the "Electric Kettle Performance Requirements and Test Methods" issued by the National Standardization Administration Committee has been implemented. Experts remind consumers to choose carefully and pay attention to the safe use of electric kettles. The electric kettle national standard is new, emphasizing the importance of anti-drying temperature control switch.

anti-drying temperature control switch

 Market: Sancheng electric kettle performance is unqualified
 "Scared me. Last night I plugged in the electric kettle that I had just bought. I heard a bang, and the base of the kettle spurted smoke. I ran outside and pulled down the power switch." At the time, Ms. Han still seemed to have a lingering fear. It is understood that Ms. Han often travels, and most of the hotels used in hotels are electric kettles. Taking into account the heating time of the electric kettle, I went to the supermarket and bought an electric kettle. I did not expect just a few days and it broke.

Mr. Chen, who works in a magazine, has had a similar "dangerous experience." Once he saw the electric kettle at home suddenly "flying", rushing more than 4 meters. Afterwards, it was found that the water in the kettle used in the electric kettle caused a serious short circuit, and the aluminum body was melted out to a diameter of 4 cm, and the resulting air wave caused the pot to "fly into the sky."  The reporter learned that after more than ten years of development, the electric kettle industry has a domestic market of 10 million units, and China has become the world's largest electric kettle market.
But the latest spot check shows: About 30% of the electric kettles on the market are unqualified, making it difficult for consumers to protect their interests.
The use and maintenance of electric kettles, temperature control switches are very important
Select the socket: The plug of the electric kettle usually has a grounding pole and should be connected to a socket with a grounding socket. When in use, the power plug should be fully inserted into the outlet. Always keep the power plug, socket, power cord and temperature control switch, temperature switch, thermostat, etc. of the electric kettle dry and clean.

Pay attention to the highest water level: The water injection should not exceed the maximum water level line to prevent the liquid from spilling out of the kettle when it boils. Water injection should not be too small, otherwise it will burn out quickly. In particular, the whistling type electric kettle should at least make the water immersed in the heating tube for more than 20 mm, otherwise the electric heating tube can easily be exposed to the surface and burned. In addition, be careful not to install the water after the power is turned on first, otherwise it is easy to burn the heater or cause a dangerous accident.

Prevent dry burning: When using an electric kettle, someone should look after it to avoid dry burning. If unattended, after the water is boiled, a thermostat thermostat switch with a limited temperature is required. The whistling pot of the infinite temperature will always dry the water. The electric kettle equipped with an automatic reset temperature control temperature switch will dry the water due to repeated heating. If the temperature control switch and the temperature controller function of the over-temperature protection are invalid at this time, a fire accident will occur.

Can't be soaked: When cleaning, the automatic electric kettle should not be immersed in water or rinsed with water to avoid damage to the electrical insulation due to moisture, causing malfunction and leakage.
Experts recommend the preferred stainless steel kettle

Experts in the electric appliance testing room of the National Household Appliance Quality Supervision and Inspection Center believe that the industry has low barriers to entry, small-scale enterprises, and poor quality awareness of workshop-style enterprises are the most direct causes of poor quality of electric kettles. In order to regulate the electric kettle market and protect the rights of consumers, the safety standard of China's "electric kettle performance requirements and test methods" has been implemented in May this year. I hope that consumers will choose carefully and assist the country to complete the purification of the electric kettle market as soon as possible.

When making choices at the same price and different brands, it is recommended to give priority to stainless steel kettles. The product in which the heating body is not in direct contact with water, and then the product of the plastic body is considered. And be sure to pay attention to whether the pot body is food grade plastic, because the industrial plastic contains harmful additives, it will be integrated into the water at high temperature, causing damage to the human body.