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Temperature thermostat for dairy transport escort

Dairy industry is a linkage of urban and rural areas and involves each family's industry, Dairy products also affect the safety of consumers at all times. In fact, Since the 2008 melamine incident, The entire Chinese dairy industry began to "reflect" And continuously improve product quality. This year in August by the China Dairy Association released the "China Dairy Quality Report 2016" shows, Chinese dairy products sampling pass rate has reached 99. 5% Higher than the food sampling rate of 2.7 percentage points.
China's dairy industry in order to change the negative impression of consumers, Under the impact of dairy products overseas to find life, Today, the Chinese dairy industry is working to improve milk and logistics transport control.
In improving milk source base construction at the same time, Cold chain temperature transport system is the enterprise must face the problem, Because the milk in the transport process is the most prone to milk metamorphism.

Therefore, in order to achieve competitive advantage in this field, China's major dairy companies have to strengthen the cold chain thermostat system construction.
Mengniu on milk safety monitoring, Milk from the cow when the body has begun to squeeze out, The first is to enter the cold cylinder cooling, So that the temperature of milk from 36 degrees down to 3-5 degrees, So as to prevent the milk due to high temperature and deterioration. Prior to loading the tanker, Raw milk temperature is always controlled at 3-5 degrees this level.
In order to transport raw milk in the original part of the problem, To ensure the safety of milk transport, Yaxun Mengniu Dairy as cold chain logistics and transport system supporting providers, Has been constantly upgrading and improving the technical means, So as to achieve the Mengniu dairy transport throughout the monitoring.
Mengniu Dairy cold chain logistics and transport systems, East China as the center, The establishment of 36 modern cold chain distribution center, The total area of more than 75,000 square meters warehouse, Transport covers about 20,000 terminal outlets. In order to carry on the real-time monitoring to the raw milk transportation process, Yaxun electronic transport vehicles in the milk on a high-precision design, Mengniu vehicles into the nipple and the milk port of each configuration GPS vehicle monitoring system, Milk temperature automatic recording equipment, Real-time record upload milk temperature data. So 100% full monitoring, So that the source can be traced back, Flow can be chased, Quality control, Responsibility can be investigated.
Through nine Ya fast electronic constant temperature cold chain monitoring system, Staff in the monitoring center, You can monitor these vehicles in real time the temperature of milk is normal.
Mengniu Dairy in the cold chain monitoring process, Yaxun electronic breakthrough thermostat temperature real-time monitoring records, Integration of Mengniu dairy supply chain management,
Total quality management, Strategic cost management, Lean production, such as a full range of management elements, Whether in hardware or software management have been on the standard international standards, Adhere to continuous improvement.

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