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Temperature switch application examples in small home applia

Article Source:Yaxun ElectronicsAuthor:adminPopularity:Published time:2016-09-18 11:06
Temperature switch application examples in small home appliances, industrial equipment, motor car

    Today's fast living standards improve, people consume a very wide range of household appliances, household appliances is the main function of motor and heating. In order to heat the motor and heater protection, safety problems will be very important because bimetal heat sink thermal characteristics, bimetal Temperature switch as the main product of the thermal protection.
     Household appliances commonly used in temperature switches, mostly bimetal Temperature switch, which is two or more layers of metal sheet with different coefficients of thermal expansion of the synthetic, can be directly converted into heat energy to mechanical energy, to turn on, disconnect the circuit. Since the bimetal temperature switch temperature control more accurate, excellent electrical performance, making simple and inexpensive and practical, widely used in small appliances, motors, rectifier equipment and household appliances among its main uses for thermostats, temperature control and overheating protection.

With a Temperature switch is a bimetal temperature sensing element as a temperature control switches, electrical work, the bimetal in a silent appearance, the contact is closed / disconnected shape when the temperature is held high temperature to walking, bis metal element heat stress and rapid onset of twists and turns, open / closed contact, off / on the circuit, and thus play a thermal protection. When getting down to the weight of a given temperature is passive contact on / off, restoring normal working condition.
Temperature switch are suitable for electrical household appliances and industrial equipment and facilities: such as motor vehicles, electrical and mechanical air-conditioning fans, transformers, ballasts, electric appliances and the like.
Temperature switch are widely used in the small appliance industry: drinking fountains, water heaters, sandwich toaster, dishwasher, boring machine, sterilizer, microwave, coffee maker, electric cooker, refrigerator, air conditioning, a plastic machine, office facilities, car seat heaters and other electric appliances.
Temperature switch main purposes:
     Dongguan Ya Xun electronic Temperature switch KSD301 main features:
stable performance
high precision
small size, light weight
high reliability, long life
small radio dry worry
do not pull the arc