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Temperature sensing damper temperature controller

Article Source:Thermal protectorAuthor:YaxunPopularity:Published time:2019-06-26 09:51

The Frost-free refrigerators with double doors are cooled by forced circulation of cold air in the refrigeration room and the refrigeration room respectively. The general freezer compartment uses a common type of temperature controller to control the start and stop of the compressor, while the automatic opening and closing of the refrigerating compartment damper is controlled by the damper temperature controller. The two temperature controllers cooperate to allow the temperature of the freezer compartment and the refrigerator compartment to be separately controlled.

Figure 5-15 shows the temperature damper temperature controller. This temperature controller works like a normal temperature controller and has a slim temperature sensor. The temperature sensor is installed in the air duct near the return air outlet of the refrigeration room to sense the change of the temperature of the circulating cold air. The size of the opening of the air door or cover plate can be automatically adjusted by the change of the pressure of the temperature sensor with the change of temperature.

Temperature damper temperature controller

Turn the temperature adjustment knob to adjust the amount of cold air entering the refrigerating compartment to control the temperature in the refrigerating compartment. When the temperature inside the box is too high, the opening of the damper or the cover plate is larger, so that more cold air enters the refrigerating chamber; When the temperature inside the box is low, the opening is reduced and can even be completely closed.

Figure 5-16 shows the structure of the temperature sensing damper temperature controller. When the movable damper is in the vertical position, the damper is in the fully closed position, and the temperature adjustment knob is in the "hot" position, and the refrigerating compartment tuyere is completely covered; When the movable damper deviates from the vertical position, the damper is opened with a maximum angle of 20°, at which point the temperature adjustment knob is placed in the "cold" position.
Temperature damper temperature controller structure diagram

The working principle of the temperature controller of the temperature-sensitive valve is the same as that of the pressure-type temperature controller. It also utilizes the characteristic that the pressure of the temperature-sensitive agent varies with the temperature. The amount of cold air in the refrigerating compartment is controlled by the switching member to drive and change the angle of opening and closing of the damper to control the temperature of the refrigerating compartment. It does not connect to the circuit, and the freezer temperature controller controls the start and stop of the compressor.