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Temperature detection control electronic protection components market analysis?

In the human living environment, Temperature monitoring / control plays an extremely important role. No matter where you live, Engaged in any work, all the time and the temperature has a relationship. Since the 18th century industrial revolution, Industrial development has an absolute relation to whether or not it can be controlled. In metallurgy, iron and steel, petrochemical, cement, glass, medicine and so on, It can be said that almost 80% of the industrial sector have to consider the temperature factor. Temperature monitoring / control is so important for industry, Thus promoting the temperature control switch and temperature sensor development.
In a wind power generation system, When the fan is working continuously, Spindle generator will continue to high temperature, Then serious will lead to the spindle will burn out, The temperature control element can detect the temperature of the spindle, When the temperature exceeds the standard, Temperature control switch can be controlled to open the valve for cooling, Includes (air-cooled or oil-cooled. )
Air conditioning temperature control applications, In the summer or winter, Temperature control element by measuring the temperature inside the room, When the room temperature is higher than the set temperature, Temperature control components to control the cooling equipment to reduce the indoor temperature, When the room temperature is lower than the set temperature, The temperature control element controls the device to increase the heat energy. Intelligent temperature control elements save energy. But also to meet the needs of human living environment.
In the pressurized water heater, Supporting the temperature and pressure relief valve, By means of the temperature control element temperature setting(Can be customized according to customer requirements of different temperature), When the water heater water temperature exceeds the specified temperature, Temperature and pressure relief valve will make water heater automatically fill cold water, To ensure the safety of water heaters.
Temperature control components in the electrical and automotive applications widely, Including refrigerators, drinking fountains in the fixed-temperature components, There are cars, diesel vehicles in the tank temperature control.
The sensor mainly has gone through three stages of development:Analog integrated temperature sensor. The sensor is made using silicon semiconductor integrated technology, So also known as silicon sensor or monolithic integrated temperature sensor. This sensor has a single function (only measuring temperature), Temperature error is small, Low price, fast response, Transmission distance, small size, micro-power consumption, Suitable for remote temperature measurement, temperature control, No need for non-linear calibration, The external circuit is simple.
Temperature monitoring / control applications of electronic protection components have been in-depth all walks of life(Particularly in the military and industrial fields), All over our daily work, all aspects of life;The market is self-evident. According to the forecast, Now the temperature monitoring / control electronic protection devices 1 year market will reach more than 10 billion yuan.
With the development of science and technology, "Temperature control element with continuous temperature change"Due to its memory effect on temperature, Not limited to only one or two temperature points of memory, But the realization of the same material can be more than the temperature difference between the temperature point of memory, This feature determines it than ordinary components have greater market space and development potential.
Temperature detection control electronic protection components: temperature switch (temperature controller), temperature sensor, thermistors, PTC, NTC.
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