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                                                                     Temperature Sensor Selection Guide
Yaxun Electronics Dongguan City Hardware Co., Ltd.
Temperature measuring sensor Selection Notice:

  1, use: temperature measurement, temperature display, temperature protection, temperature control
2, use: single-point temperature, multi-point temperature, thermal protection, temperature cycling points
3, use of the environment: air <water at room temperature <room temperature saline salt spray <steam <boiled <temperature brine salt spray, and other environmental
4, the use of state: has a high temperature (diodes, single-ended), has been low (MTE1, single-ended), Thermal Shock (single-ended), blisters, boiling, hot and humid
5, sensor position: even the seal immersion, half submerged seal exposed, surface mount, embedded, anchored, extrusion
6, the probe temperature range : (                ) ~ (                ) (without wires to bypass the heat generation?)
7, the resistance: resistance is the degree of how much, how much? R (                ) = (                ) K ohms, accuracy is how much?
  8, B value how much? Range B value is the number? B (                ) / (                ) , precision is the number?
9, the reaction speed is how?

  Note: The temperature protection is thermal protection, protection of the measured object temperature should not exceed the number, it can be protected in advance, B values ​​can only be larger,
Temperature control is to control the temperature of the object within a certain range, B values ​​may be too large or the lower side, as long as the temperature range is like.
Single point temperature resistance must meet the requirements of a point table RT, and the appropriate accuracy, but the B value is not critical; multi-point temperature must meet the full range RT table,
B requires high value, the price is high.
Two temperature cycle refers to the temperature control of the relatively large difference between the two temperature control back and forth, is typical of air conditioning

Temperature Sensor, Thermistor Note the use:
  1, flows through the thermistor chip core current will generate heat, due to heat, the resistance of the core is reduced, so that the core temperature is measured temperature of the temperature of the integrated core temperature and its measured object, the core values ​​of self-heating is the dissipation factor of 1/10, the error is 0.1 ℃; 1/100, the error is 0.01 ℃.
2, or any large current surge will be directly burned thermistor core, should be particularly careful to avoid directly fixed resistors thermistor direct access to the circuit, the series should be a certain value.
3, the test time is best placed in a constant temperature environment sensor 5-fold time (τ) response that 5τ seconds later, the best 7τ.
4, when the thermistor inserted into a metal tube used in order to avoid the heat dissipated metal pipe, metal pipe should be inserted deeper than the diameter of more than 25 times the depth. And if it is a non-metallic protective tube, it should be more than 15 times.
5, between the leads, head or glass surface with condensation, the resistance of the resistor will reduce or instability, should avoid moisture, water vapor, good insulation performance processing and drying of the product has a good guarantee.
4, the head of the thermistor is vitreous, any improper welding and forming the vitreous will cause injury, avoid rough job.

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