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Temperature Control Switch of Heater

The current heater is more commonly used in household appliances, There are a variety of heating. The most common electric heaters are electric heating for heating energy heating equipment, Also known as electric heating. If the safety thermal protection components of poor quality, There will be a fire hazard. Every winter because they forget to turn off the heater power, Or the temperature control switch failure and cause a fire accident. Choose a good temperature control switch is very important.

What types of electric heaters?
(Mainly heating material classification): Electric blankets, quartz tube heaters, heaters, air conditioning, electric oil Ting. Whichever heating element is used, Need to control the temperature of the heater. Temperature control switch is to prevent this from happening is an important part.
When the heater reaches a certain temperature, Then the temperature control switch will automatically power off, Is to control the heater temperature of the important thermal protection components. Even forget to turn off the heater power, Fire does not occur. Current heaters generally use KSD301, KSD9700 bimetal temperature control switch.
Heater normal work time, KSD301 bimetal in a free state, The contact is in a closed state (energized state). When the temperature exceeds the normal working temperature of the heater, KSD301 bimetallic element heat generated tension and rapid action (bomb end), Push the contacts, open contacts, cut off the circuit. Protection of the heater will not occur because of high temperature and fire.
When the heater is cooled to our normal operating temperature, KSD301 bimetal return to normal state, Contact automatically closed, the heater will return to normal working condition.
Heater temperature control switch circuit installation:

Temperature control switch series in the heater circuit, When installed, Should be in the temperature control switch temperature surface coated with some thermal grease, To make a uniform temperature sensing surface heating heater, Aluminum cover close to the heater heating surface, It is recommended to coat the aluminum cover with heat-conducting silica gel for better conduction temperature.

Circuit diagram of heater temperature control switch
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