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One Stop For Your Sample design And Small Batch Manufacturing Needs
Yaxun provides high-quality sample design, rapid proofing and small batch manufacturing services. Our international team of engineers and managers have combined advanced temperature protection device manufacturing technologies like automated processing with traditional manufacturing techniques to provide you with a one stop shop for all your manufacturing needs. Are you ready to start your next project? Upload your technical parameters file for a competitive quote today.

Proofing DesignOverheating protection sample design
Test your new product or part before taking it to production with a sample design. Your sample will allow you to test form and function while ensuring it has been designed appropriately for manufacturing. Creating a sample design saves you time and money in the long run.
Ya Xun team with such as thermostat, temperature sensors, thermistors, overload protection, fuses, thermal fuses and other manufacturing technology, can produce your sample production in as little as one day. After a variety of testing services can make the product more perfect performance.

Small Batch Manufacturing
Have your small batch manufacturing component made fast. We can make up to 100,000+ electronic component either one time or on a regular basis. Over time, if your Electronic component needs replacing, we will replace it for free. Manufacturing in Small Batch is an ideal solution for managing your inventory and testing the market before producing larger quantities.
Temperature sensor sample design

Profession Personal Service
I give you my personal guarantee that you will receive the most professional and personal service from my engineers from receipt of your initial enquiry to the successful delivery of your electronic component. If you are not completely satisfied, or if you just want to ask some questions, contact me (SKYPE:yaxun88) and I will get back to you.