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NTC thermistor application example in medical devices

NTC thermistor application example

NTC thermistor application example in medical devices
NTC thermistor has been widely applied in various monitoring instruments. Monitor for the clinic environment (such as operating rooms, emergency rooms, intensive care wards, intensive care and the patient's family and increasingly common), to monitor and display a variety of major cases the patient's body, including ECG, pulse oximetry, blood pressure , respiration and temperature. Monitor can be stand-alone instrument, it may also be a multi-parameter instruments.
1.NTC thermistor Product performance: a) resistance Resistance value: R (25 ℃) = 10 KΩ ± 1%;
 b)NTC thermistor resistance value B: B (25 ℃ / 50 ℃) = 3950K ± 1%;
 c) NTC thermistor resistance voltage test: AC 1200 V / 3S no breakdown or flicker (cut-off current of 1mA);
d) NTC thermistor insulation resistance test: DC 500V greater than 100MΩ (between lead and protective tube);
e) NTC thermistor temperature range: -20 ℃ ~ + 120 ℃.

NTC thermistor resistance sub-file table:
Rated zero power resistance R37(1-32)±0.09%( 37.00℃ )
1 files 29.111KΩ 9 files 29.535KΩ 17 files 29.964KΩ 25 files 30.401KΩ
2 files 29.164KΩ 10 files 29.588KΩ 18 files 30.019KΩ 26 files 30.456KΩ
3 files 29.216KΩ 11 files 29.641KΩ 19 files 30.073KΩ 27 files 30.511KΩ
4 files 29.269KΩ 12 files 29.695KΩ 20 files 30.128KΩ 28 files 30.566KΩ
5 files 29.322KΩ 13 files 29.749KΩ 21 files 30.182KΩ 29 files 30.622KΩ
6 files 29.375KΩ 14 files 29.802KΩ 22 files 30.237KΩ 30 files 30.677KΩ
7 files 29.428KΩ 15 files 29.856KΩ 23 files 30.291KΩ 31 files 30.731KΩ
8 files 29.481KΩ 16 files 29.910KΩ 24 files 30.346KΩ 32 files 30.785KΩ

Note: When testing NTC thermistor temperature accuracy exceeds ± 0.01 ℃, resistance value drift slightly increased temperature accuracy increases with the magnitude of the drift beyond.
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