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Motor thermal protection selection parameter table

Motor thermal protection

Rated operating voltage              V ;Working current            A;Stall current            A;

Insulation class           levelAmbient temperature           ℃;Motor temperature rise           ℃;

Protector installation and dipping method                              

Installation: built-inExternal □ ;

immersion paint manner: Drop paint □ Immersive paint □ Vacuum dipping □ No immersion paint □

Rated breaking temperature           ℃;Rated reset temperature           ℃。

Overload protection time           S;Connect Reset time:           S;

Lifetime requirements           Times

Lead wire and terminal requirements                                                                                     
a:Installation: built-in, external 
b:immersion paint manner: Drop paint,Immersive paint , Vacuum dipping ,No immersion paint
Motor thermal protector