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Liquid expansion thermostat (pressure-type temperature control switch)

Liquid expansion thermostat (also known as pressure-type temperature control switch, capillary temperature protection, temperature controller). Liquid expansion thermostat when the temperature of the object to be controlled changes, So that the temperature controller temperature of the Ministry of the material (usually liquid) to produce the corresponding thermal expansion and contraction of the physical phenomena (volume change) . The membrane cartridge connected with the temperature sensing package is expanded or contracted. To leverage, Drive switch off action, To adjust the temperature purpose.

Liquid expansion thermostat is mainly used in large-scale electrical appliances, Electric oven temperature controller, Its main features are:
Temperature adjustable, accurate temperature control, long life, Stable and reliable, open stop temperature is small, Temperature control range, Overload current and easy installation and so on.

And ordinary bimetal comparison:Bimetallic thermostat maximum temperature can only reach 250 ℃, The liquid expansion thermostat up to 450 ℃.
Liquid-type thermostat mounted liquid common are:Mercury, xylene, methanol ether, glycerol, water, ethanol.
1, liquid expansion thermostat (capillary thermostat) performance characteristics:
Temperature range: 0 ℃ ~ 400 ℃
Rated current and rated voltage
Rate current ang rated voltage: 16A AC250V & 10A AC400V & 65A AC250V
Life:> 100000 Cycle (250V)> 45000 Cycle (400V)
2, liquid expansion thermostat (capillary thermostat) Application:
Liquid expansion thermostat is mainly used for electric control, Such as home appliances industry, Electric equipment, Refrigeration industry, water heater, Electric water boilers, washing machine, Electric oven, Can also be used for room temperature control and refrigeration control field.
3, liquid expansion thermostat (capillary thermostat) Customs HS Code: 90321000
4, liquid expansion thermostat structure: concave wheel

Liquid expansion thermostat structure
1, the temperature package.
2, the capillary.
3, membrane box.
4, balance spring.
5, concave wheel.
6, thermostat knob shaft.
7, electrical contacts.
8, moving contact.
9, the static contact.
10, the temperature range of high-altitude screws.
11, the pressure chamber
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