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Introduction to the working principle and structure of the adjustable temperature control switch

Article Source:Thermal protectorAuthor:YaxunPopularity:Published time:2019-09-18 15:46

In the appliances in our lives, such as: rice cookers, water dispensers, hot water bottles, etc., there is a temperature control switch device, in order to control the temperature to a certain value, let the electrical appliance automatically disconnect, no manual manual To turn off the appliance, it can be seen that the temperature control switch provides a lot of speed and convenience for our lives. The adjustable temperature control switch is a temperature-sensitive snap-type temperature control switch with small temperature range, high temperature control precision, sensitive response to temperature changes, and small electromagnetic interference, which is convenient for installation.

The working principle of the adjustable temperature control switch:
Adjustable temperature control switch is a bimetal disc after a given reaction temperature as a heat sensitive component. When the temperature of the main part of the product increases, the heat generated is transferred to the bimetal disc, and it moves quickly when the operating temperature is set, and the contact is opened or closed by the action of the mechanism. When the temperature drops to the reset temperature setting, the bimetal disc quickly returns to its original state, causing the contacts to close or open, achieving the purpose of turning the circuit on or off, thereby controlling the circuit.

The structure of the adjustable temperature control switch:
Adjustable thermostat switch comprises a large sheet holder body. The utility model further comprises a cam temperature adjusting rotating shaft, a positioning elastic piece, a large body shell and a porcelain column, and the large body shell is riveted on the large body piece and forms a limiting cavity with the large body piece bracket. The cam temperature adjustment shaft is disposed above the limit cavity and down through the body piece. The bottom portion is disposed in the limiting cavity, one end of the porcelain column is sleeved at the bottom of the cam temperature adjusting rotating shaft, and the other end is downwardly passed through the large body bracket, and the positioning elastic piece is fixed on the side wall of the limiting cavity.

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