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Instructions for Use of Electronic Liquid Crystal Temperature Controller

Instructions for the Use of Electronic Temperature Controller
The LCD temperature controller is literally a temperature controller with a liquid crystal panel. The LCD controller is more popular because the temperature can be clearly seen. The instruction manual is a guiding explanation for the consumer and is very helpful for the consumer. Many times you buy something that doesn't necessarily work, you have to rely on the instructions. So when it comes to LCD temperature controllers, what is the operating instructions for LCD temperature controllers?

Electronic liquid crystal temperature controller
What is a liquid crystal temperature controller?
The liquid crystal temperature controller is a temperature controller equipped with a liquid crystal display. The main features are the ability to display information such as set temperature and room temperature, and easy operation.

The importance of the thermostat instruction manual
It can give users accurate, clear and brief introduction instructions and instructions, which can improve the user's affinity and user experience to a certain extent. A good user manual should be like a reference book that can quickly and accurately find a solution when a user has a problem with the use.

LCD thermostat instruction manual

LCD thermostat features and features:
(1) The function of the thermostat
On/off control indoor temperature setting
Clock function (optional): Indoor temperature measurement and display
Sleep function (optional): Manual or automatic conversion fan three speed
Remote control (optional): Cold/hot conversion control
Blue backlight (optional): Multi-time timer on/off function (optional)

(2) Features of the thermostat
The temperature controller is compared with the set temperature by the single chip microcomputer. Control the fan coil, electric valve, electric damper and electric air outlet at the end of the central air conditioner. The temperature is controlled so that a constant ambient temperature is set to achieve the purpose of improving environmental comfort.
Three-wire electric valve and fan coil control settings

About the use of some features of the LCD thermostat
(1) Introduction to the adjustment method of mechanical thermostat
The adjustment method of the mechanical thermostat is relatively simple. After the thermostat has been installed (the staff will install it when the floor heating is installed), it can be used. We turn the switch on the right side of the thermostat to the on position. Set the set temperature (rotate the temperature setting button on the thermostat, align the temperature scale you want to set with the point in the middle of the thermostat, so that the thermostat setting is completed). The thermostat also begins to control based on the set temperature. When the indicator light on the thermostat is on, it indicates that the heating setting is already working. When the indicator is off, the thermostat is in the stagnant state.
(2) Introduction of electronic thermostat adjustment method
Today's electronic thermostats are generally equipped with a liquid crystal display, which has a button type and a touch screen type. However, as shown in the figure below, they operate in the same way, except for the touch screen and buttons.

Electronic thermostat adjustment method

summary: LCD thermostats are really good at the moment, and they are also liked by consumers, but in general, our homes are less likely to appear. The use of thermostats is generally used in supermarkets, shopping malls, hotels, etc. Relatively through the introduction of the LCD thermostat, Xiaobian can let everyone know more about the use of the thermostat, and let everyone have a deeper understanding of the thermostat. If you still want to continue to understand the LCD thermostat, then you should pay attention to the latest information update.
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