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Fuse Application Examples

Article Source:Yaxun ElectronicsAuthor:Yaxun Fuse ApplicatiPopularity:Published time:2016-09-18 11:08

Fuse Application Examples

    Fuse protection is an important element circuit security protection, also known as current  Fuse, which is mainly from the overload in the circuit in overcurrent protection circuit design is often used to  Fuse, in other words, for the rational use of fuses reliable protection circuit design is very important.

When a circuit failure or abnormal, along with the current rising, and increased current circuit may damage some important devices or expensive devices, there may be burned circuit or even cause a fire. If the circuit correctly placed current  Fuse, the  Fuse will be in the current abnormally elevated to a certain height and heat of the moment, its own  Fuse cut off the current, and thus play a role in the safe operation of the protection circuit.

Fuse breaking capacity is the most important safety indicators  Fuse, therefore, the choice of  Fuse, should carefully consider the characteristics and the actual test, the  Fuse possible maximum short circuit current should not exceed the  Fuse rated breaking capacity to ensure failure in the rear stage , a large current flows, the fuse can safely cut off the circuit, will not cause security problems.

Fuse function:
  Fuse is connected in series in the circuit, which generally require smaller resistance (power consumption is small), so that when the circuit to work, only the equivalent of a  Fuse wire, can be a long and stable use; or due to a power disturbance occurs when the current fluctuations, the  Fuse can withstand a range of overload; only when the circuit is large overcurrent occurs - failure or short - when the  Fuse action will, by disconnecting the current to protect the safety circuit.
Fuse principle:
       Fuse is powered by the heat of the current conversion will make the temperature of the melt rises during the normal work load current or permissible overload current, the heat generated by the current and radiated through the melt, the housing and the surrounding environment, convection and conduction etc. the heat to gradually achieve a balance; if the cooling rate to keep up with the heat, the heat will be stored in the unit by the melt, the melt temperature rise, once the temperature reaches and exceeds the melting point of the melt material will make it melts, thereby interrupting current, play a security role.

Fuse distinguished by the use of:
   Due to various countries and regions of different origin and industrial development experience, has the design and applications of small tubular  Fuse, there are still significant differences, is being more recognized internationally are: the European specifications; North America specifications; Japan Specifications: Further there are other specifications apply only to a limited extent.
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