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Electronic thermostat setting method

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Thermostats are used in a wide range of applications, depending on the type of thermostat used in home appliances, motors, refrigeration or heating. The working principle is that the ambient temperature is automatically sampled and monitored by the temperature sensor. When the ambient temperature is higher than the control set value, the control circuit is started, and the control hysteresis can be set. If the temperature is still rising, when the temperature rises to the set over-limit alarm temperature point, the over-limit alarm function is activated. When the controlled temperature cannot be effectively controlled, in order to prevent the destruction of the device, the function of the trip can be used to stop the device from continuing to operate. Mainly used in various high and low voltage switchgears, dry transformers, box substations and other related temperature applications used in the power sector.

Thermostat control methods are generally divided into two types:
One is controlled by the temperature change of the object to be cooled, and the vapor pressure type temperature controller is often used.
The other is controlled by the temperature difference of the object to be cooled, and an electronic temperature controller is often used.
The fuzzy control technology used is PID control, P (ProporTIonal) ratio + I (Integral) integral + D (DifferenTIal) differential control.

Thermostat fuzzy control technology such as PID control

Electronic thermostat
The electronic temperature controller (resistive type) is measured by the method of resistance temperature sensing. Generally, white gold wire, copper wire, tungsten wire, and thermistor are used as temperature measuring resistors, and these resistors have their own advantages. Most household air conditioners use thermistor type. The electronic temperature controller has the advantages of stability and small volume and is used in more and more fields.

Electronic thermostat setting method
Freezer electronic temperature controller electronic temperature controller setting method
1. There are 0 to 4 gears or 0 to 7 gears on the refrigerator thermostat. The 0 file is the stop file. 5 to 7 is a strong refrigeration gear, in which the compressor of the refrigerator will be in a state of no downtime.
2. The larger the number on the refrigerator thermostat, the lower its temperature inside the refrigerator. In the spring and autumn, we adjust the thermostat is generally to modulate the temperature of the third gear.

The two small screws inside the thermostat are the temperature range adjustment screw and the temperature difference adjustment screw. Usually inside is the temperature range adjustment screw; Outside is the temperature difference adjustment screw. Adjust this screw if there is a temperature drift. Clockwise adjustment increases the main spring force. The refrigerator temperature is stopped at a higher temperature. Counterclockwise adjustment results are reversed.

There should be a knob for adjusting the temperature outside the freezer with a number on it. The higher the number, the lower the temperature.

The summer adjustment is in order to stop the freezer from reaching the temperature quickly, and then the freezer can be turned on quickly after returning to the temperature, and the temperature of the freezer is always balanced.
If the gear position is very high, it seems that the temperature is very low, but the running time of the freezer is lengthened, and the temperature is turned on in the warm-up time, and the temperature difference will be large.
The gear shift in winter is due to the low ambient temperature in winter and the low gear shift. The freezer may have reached the temperature without running, and the freezer may not be cooled.
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