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Detailed Explanation of Design Principles of Three Analog Circuits for LM358 Electronic Temperature Controller

Article Source:Thermal protectorAuthor:YaxunPopularity:Published time:2019-07-03 14:39

Keywords: LM358 thermostat

Lm358 thermostat controller time base circuit road map (1)

The figure below shows a thermostat controller circuit using a time base circuit as the core. The thermostat controller circuit uses two temperature probes and two upper and lower potentiometers for interval temperature control. Using the constant temperature control circuit of the relay output, if the temperature control accuracy is increased, the relay will be shaken at the critical temperature point and the relay contact will be damaged. This thermostat controller has been authorized for many times, which shows that it has certain influence, and is suitable for applications such as temperature control of incubators with low temperature control accuracy.

Lm358 thermostat application time base circuit diagram

Lm358 electronic temperature controller is a temperature control circuit composed of LM358N (2)
LM358N constitutes lm358 electronic thermostat temperature control circuit
Lm358 electronic thermostat simple circuit diagram (3)
As shown in the figure is a simple temperature control circuit.
working principle: Close the power switch K, when the temperature is lower than the required temperature, the two probes of the mercury thermometer at the electrical contact are disconnected, and the base of the transistor is open, so it is in the cut-off state. The relay does not operate, its normally closed point turns on the coil circuit of C, C pulls in, and the electric heater starts to heat up. When the temperature rises to the required value, the mercury contact in the mercury thermometer of the electrical contact is turned on, so that the triode is turned on, J is sucked, and the C contactor is released. At this point, the heater is turned off and the heating is stopped.

Lm358 electronic thermostat simple circuit diagram