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What Is The Wiper Thermal Protection  
The wiper thermal protector is a bimetallic thermal protector with overcurrent and overheat protection. The protector has a protective effect on the motor overload, phase loss, and stall.

Disc-shaped high-sensitive bimetal, moving contact, static contact, fixed base, shell, temperature wire and other components.

Product Application
Electric wiper is driven by the miniature DC motor, through the linkage mechanism, so that the outer surface of the windshield wiper blade swing back and forth to remove the rain on the windshield, snow or dust.
The drive part is composed of a miniature DC motor, the turbine box and the motor together and fixed on the floor, the turbine rotary motion by the crank, connecting rod, pendulum and other transmission mechanism for the column swing, and through the swing arm drive Scraper film to do reciprocating swing, the rubber on it will remove the windshield glass obstruct the line of sight impurities.
The role of the wiper is in the rain and snow when the weather, remove the windshield rain or snow, to ensure that the driver has a good line of sight. Whether the wiper can work properly is related to the normal use of the car.

The protector has a motor overload, lack of phase, stall and other circuits from the protection. When the user accidentally wipe the wiper for a long time dry scraping, or winter wipers are frozen, the motor is prone to overload burned. So in order to avoid such a situation, you can add a thermal protection for the wiper motor. The thermal protector avoids the problem of motor burnout and improves motor reliability.
Since the thermal protector connected in series on the common carbon brush of the wiper motor, low or high speed motor can work both play a role overload.

Through the current and temperature induction to protect the motor, with a compact design, long life and reliability and so on. The terminal material provides trouble-free soldering and has a very precise trip time to prevent the motor product temperature from being too high.
● Small size, long life and reliability;
● power, can meet a variety of motor applications;
● use of conductive properties of bimetallic materials,
To ensure that it can withstand the requirements of the normal loop current;
● bimetallic and heating wire combination, with a fast escape performance;
● Very accurate trip time to prevent the motor temperature is too high;
● with the induced current and temperature of the dual performance of the action;
● Each parts are strict implementation of the European ROHS environmental standards;
● Terminal has a variety of types, for flexible choice;
● Selectable variety of terminal specifications: A: the same slot, B: different slot C: the same terminal, D: different terminal, E: the same hole into the hole, F: G: with sharp corners
● According to the requirements of the guests to produce a specific specification or riveting services;

Wiper thermal protection Product Structure
Electrical specifications:                                    
●30amps/15 volts DC
●15amps/30 volts DC
●28amps/250 volts DC
●18amps/125 volts DC

Technical Parameters:
● Operating temperature range: 30 ℃ - 180 ℃ according to customer requirements within any range of its temperature.
● Temperature tolerance: ± 3 ℃, ± 5 ℃, ± 8 ℃, ± 10 ℃.
● Select the control overload current trip range: 1 ~ 45A.
● Trip time: 4 ~ 10s.

Application Scope:
● window motor, sunroof motor, antenna motor
● wiper engine, sliding door engine, regulator engine
● a variety of washing machines, vacuum cleaners, garden equipment
● DC motor
● Door lock trigger

 Product number:
In Ya Xun, when you need to choose a suitable thermal protector, please contact our professional team, our engineers will analyze the application of the product, current, voltage and protection time, give you professional product recommendations and free sample testing.
Commonly used product model: 6AP, 3MP, HC01,5AP, 2MP.

Motor thermal protector dimensions

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